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Selfcare Routine doesn't Only Mean “Face Care”!

Does Selfcare Only Mean “Face Care”? Almost everyone has a skin care routine. Whether it’s just soap and water, a nice refreshing cleanser combined with your favorite moisturizer or the latest skin care tools, skin care can mean a million different things. It has become really popular and a bit intimidating for beginners looking to keep up with the trends.  The truth is, selfcare is anything you make it. Each routine is unique to the individual person and it doesn’t take an expert to teach how to take great care of you. However, skin care has been widely known for just your face. Isn’t that the first thing you think of when someone asks “what is your selfcare routine?”. We...

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Treating yourself For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't only for the lovers around us. Make Valentine's A day when you also treat yourself. We have curated ways that you can treat yourself on the Vday. 1. Dinner As simple as that is, some women are literally ashamed to hit the restaurant by themselves. No shame in my game. If you are under covid restrictions. Dinner at home just for you is the option. Make it a ritually to treat myself to an early dinner or brunch every so often. Get dressed up and try that restaurant you have been eyeing for months now. Or a new recipe for at home dining. You won't regret it. 2. Spa Day Go get that manicure and pedicure you...

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