Selfcare Routine doesn't Only Mean “Face Care”!

Almost everyone has a skin care routine. Whether it’s just soap and water, a nice refreshing cleanser combined with your favorite moisturizer or the latest skin care tools, skin care can mean a million different things. It has become really popular and a bit intimidating for beginners looking to keep up with the trends. 

The truth is, selfcare is anything you make it. Each routine is unique to the individual person and it doesn’t take an expert to teach how to take great care of you. However, skin care has been widely known for just your face. Isn’t that the first thing you think of when someone asks “what is your selfcare routine?”.

We sat down and thought about what a real Selfcare routine looks like. I believe and emphasizes the importance of incorporating body care into your selfcare routine.

Self care and skin care go hand and hand. It’s so important to create time for yourself and investing in products that benefit your overall well-being helps with your mental health.

What does an ideal self-care routine look like for me?

First, I think about my mood. How am I feeling? Then, I light my favorite candle and pour a glass of wine. I then start playing my Studio Plush curated playlist and choose my favorite product from my selfcare line.  If I am feeling anxious, I like to journal sometimes and write about my mood if it’s necessary. Setting the ambiance is very important whether it’s a shower/bath routine. Choosing the perfect bodywash or body polish or bath soak. Using my favorite body products of the month. Which includes a booty polish and a moisturing body oil. After, I grab a comfy robe or a sexy robe and recite affirmations in the mirror! I’ll end the night with my favorite snack, a steeped cup of my favorite fruit or herbal tea and a bomb Netflix series.

So there it is. A skincare routine should include your entire body. Take a moment to focus on your body, give those assets some well deserved attention. Take a moment to invest in your body care and see how the overall outcome contributes to your health and wellness.