What do you do on a weekly basis or Monthly basis for your self care routine?

In hustle and bustle and all there is to worry about, we tend to forget about ourself. So during this quarantine and down time I'm making self care for me mandatory. 

Here are some of my tips:

1. Take baths instead of showers. Light your favorite candles, get yourself your favorite drink,pull out that bath bomb or bubble bath and just lay back and relax.You have been amazing and you deserve that you time.


2. Deep Conditioning your hair. Pull out that hair treatment that has been under the counter because we haven't had the time to get it done. Now is the time.

3.Some good old fashion retail therapy. Hop online and get that item you been saving to get. Shop at www.shopstudioplush.com Or just start a basket and go through the process and return when the time is right. Also shop at www.shopstudioplush.com. What ever you choose to buy is up to you. The feeling of getting something just for you always gets me feeling rewarded. You are worth it all.

4. Put some polish on those nails. Nothing says self care more than polished nails. Get a color that shows your mood or that color you have been too scared to try and get to polishing.

All these are ways to put some time and energy into making yourself feel good. And I know if I do any one of those listed.

What are some ways you self care?