Treating yourself For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't only for the lovers around us. Make Valentine's A day when you also treat yourself.

We have curated ways that you can treat yourself on the Vday.

1. Dinner

As simple as that is, some women are literally ashamed to hit the restaurant by themselves. No shame in my game. If you are under covid restrictions. Dinner at home just for you is the option. Make it a ritually to treat myself to an early dinner or brunch every so often. Get dressed up and try that restaurant you have been eyeing for months now. Or a new recipe for at home dining. You won't regret it.

2. Spa Day

Go get that manicure and pedicure you have been promising yourself after the big project at work was finished or after the exams at school. now is the perfect time to treat yourself. Or have an at home pamper party.

3. Get some Flowers for yourself.

Flowers does wonders in relieving stress and calming anxiety. Get a beautiful vase and display the perfect bouquet.The phrase flower power is real.

4. Take a bubble Bath

Clear your schedule, light some candles,get that bath bomb or bubble bath put on the song that calms and relaxes you and soak those worries away. Its that simple.,that some you time.

5. Self Improvement

Make a vision Board. Put things in prospective.Map your life out, things you want to accomplish for the year.  Pay a credit card off.

Anything that makes you a better you. That's what you are going to do for self improvement.

Hope you ladies were able to add any one of the above listed to your your Treat yourself day list.

Thanks for reading until next time.