Brunch Fest 2019 Review

Like many people I joined to brunching crave for the summer. So when I heard about the brunch fest 2019 at the grounds of the Hotel X on Lakeshore. I knew I

had to be there. As seen below on my instagram @niqueewoo



Tickets were easy to purchase and menus and vendors were posted ahead of time. So we had ideas of those booths, we were definitely willing to stand in line for.

We got the tickets for the 10am to 11am entrance on the Saturday of the 2 day event.

We got there nice and early, parking was a breeze. Located a just off the hotel X area. About $16 all day parking. Very cheap for downtown on a weekend.

Keep in mind that this event is 19+ age minimum because alcohol is served.

All Id's were checked upon entrance and the ticket scan was a breeze. Nice and smooth.

Upon entrance I'm given a stamp on wrist for a free bud light drink. 

Signs for the ATM and token purchases and all vendors were very clear. Joined the line up for the token purchase. Which also was really easy. First buy was 20 tokens for 40 dollars. 

Then I was off to the land of brunch. First vendor was @theheartbreakchef with the amazing mac chicken and waffle. Crispy fried chicken topped with house-made maple gravy in between two pieces of mac and cheese waffles, topped with creamy coleslaw.

Omg amasing idea easily. Stood in line twice for this meal. 

Tried a few in between vendors and nothing else really stood out until @fidelgastro's with the sticky Icky Fried chicken on sour cream waffle. Which is explained as, A fried chicken tossed in Korean red bbq sauce on a sour cream waffle topped with green onions and sesame seeds.

Total food coma after that meal. 

The drinks options were also good and trying the special @budlightradler for the first time which was complimentary was a nice touch.

Also tried a signature cocktail, strawberry lemonade. Which was just ok drinks nothing to rave about in my opinion.

But one vendor really made my brunch fest begin to go sour. 

First thing, there was a long line up and I'm thinking something must be good about this vendor to have such a long line. 

Standing in line and it begins to get cold and for some strange reason the grass is wet and I'm at this point annoyed. Get to the front of the line and the young lady asks, what we would like and we put in the order. Ordered a fried chicken slider. A buttermilk fried chicken on a slider bun with coleslaw and Russian sauce  drizzled with Canadian maple. How can that go wrong. I will tell you. 

All booths have a system in place for there orders. This one just kinda brushes you to the side and yells your order in hope's that someone or anyone takes the order. The lineup ment nothing. At one point the guys and gal under the booth got flustered and started yelling at each other. I guess the pressure was a bit too much. Finally got the order only for the bun to be cold, the chicken to not be seasoned and the slaw to be not good. Won't list the vendor though. Maybe in the comments 

After that I was just ready to call it a day and head back home.

Brunch fest 2019 has been checked off the list. On my scale of 1 to 5. 5 been the top.

Score 4 Pineapple

And up next will be Taco Fest 2019. Mmmm can't wait.

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