Ways to motivate yourself to eat healthier and workout

With just three months before the year ends. Once again I have come to the realization that this weight that I have gained is not going anywhere. I am in no way saying that I'm the biggest in size or that I have this major weight to loose. But every woman no matter the size can relate to the feeling of looking in the mirror and realizing that something is just off.
When your clothes doesn't fit the same or  you have gone up a notch in pant size. Or you don't feel as sexy or as confident anymore just because of the weight theat has been lingering and no matter what we do JUST WON'T LEAVE.
Now I know I know. your probably saying why am I complaining about it
"your no more that 135 LB soaking wet', when all I have do is get a gym membership right, wrong!
Well my problem is that I will get the membership but I have a hard time staying motivated to go and that's the hard part.
Or your probably saying go for neighborhood jogs,
I get bored easily and I have jogged out my neighborhood to the point that I know it like the back of my hand and still nothing.
 Even cut all carbs and sugar out my diet. Once again ladies I have done all of that and more and nothing.
So i have been brain storming and thinking of ways to get myself to stay active , eat healthier to some loose weight. 
Here are some ways that I have come up with to help me with my journey to weight loss and spicing up some of the methods mentioned above and I'm sharing a tip or two with you guys.
1. Get cute and  or sexy if that's your style to go work out or to go for that jog.
I don't know about you but I will literally get excited to wear a new workout outfits. And as of recently they have been making them cuter and cuter.
2. Run or jog and treat yourself at the end of the job.
I'm not saying treat yourself to a hamburger,lo  all I'm saying is that my treat would be a smoothie from real fruit or booster juice. Just an option o drink your veggies and fruits. Now that gets me pumped to jog.
3. Cutting carbs out of my diet now this one is the hardest because I'm West Indian and all my foods consist of something rice, or pasta and bread and more bread. So my only option would be to find some substitute for all the food that i like. I added more vegetables to help cut out the rice, and for the pasta I add the zucchini spirals, yummy.
As for sugar I just stick to the good old friend water, lots and lots of water.
If your are a water bottle gal get the cutest bottles you can find to help motivate you to drink more water.
Now the bread is the hardest because half of breakfast and lunch consists of bread affiliated meals, so I have taken the bread out and added lettuce.
Swapped out the bread and you have a healthier option.
All those pictures just made me super hungry but this time it will be a healthier option. If you have tried any of these and have bomb recipes, please share.
Now ladies lets get to working out and making healthier meals.
Helping us to make these last three months of the year matter.
If you guys would like me too share a picture of myself, please let ma know by commenting and joining the family
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