Aloe Vera and You


Hey Loves, I have to break it to you. I have a good, healthy plant obsession. I am the girl who has plants in all corners of my space.  House Plants have a way of bringing life and the earth inside. All while trying the escape the brutal winters in Toronto. My plants are my therapists (not by choice but they gonna listen) and always brighten by day to see them flourish. Don't get me wrong I have my fair share of plants dying, of over watering or not watering enough. I have even placed them in sunny spots when they don't  require full sun.Yes I know, don't crucify me yet because life happens right?

The key is finding the right plant for you, your space and your schedule.

Since I've gone down the rabbit hole, it has lead me to find my love for Aloe plants Which has since been resurrected because been West Indian it's usually apart of our daily routine in some shape or form, and life has been a lot better.



1. They only require watering once every 2 to 3 weeks they add an amazing aesthetic to my space and let's not talk about the health and skincare benefits. I want to share that with you so Here are ways my aloe Vera Plant amplifies my self-care routine.

2.Using Aloe Vera for Hair Growth

I know it doesn't have the most appealing smell but the pant has hydrating. Also rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. if your suffering from dry scalp give the Aloe Vera a try.


3. Aloe Vera Juice is good for Gut Health

For an overall cleanse drink aloe juice. It's gentle and effective. The plant contains enzymes that help to break down sugars and fats.


4. Using Aloe Vera for Burns and Sores

I am from the Caribbean and we know that this liquid gold is perfect for sunburn , bruises and sores . It cools and reduce swelling and reduce pain. So when you see them selling it on the beaches know that we know the power it hold.

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