About Us

Studio Plush Boutique 

 They say, "look good, feel good." right? At Studio Plush our uniquely-curated collections help you do just that.  

Studio Plush is a brand created on the foundation of empowering women to look their best, and feel amazing from the inside out. We believe that there is so much more that we as woman can do than just creating a single "statement", but rather making powerful impact in their world daily. So we invite you so also impact your world in a positive way, and look amazing while doing it.


   Studio Plush believes that luxury+ wellness+ style is more than what meets the eye; it's about products and living a lifestyle that enhances our lives and make us feel at peace   

                      Our Candle Story

Studio Plush created our fragrance line in 2021 to encourage women to prioritize their wellness by creating self-care routines. Our candles have a curated playlist.

We want to curate products for the woman who wants to fit “self-care” into her day; by making it effortless and enjoyable. A woman spends on average 30 minutes per day in the bathroom on hygiene; with our products we turn a drab routine into a the ultimate Selfcare  routine.   With any purchase our products you become a #plushdoll in our eyes. A Plush doll is a women who enjoys pampering herself and practicing self-care. She loves the excitement of effortlessly performing her self-care time.

The word Plush mean 

adjective: richly luxurious and expensive

We want to provide attainable luxurious wellness, leisure and style to our customers with aesthetic & practicality in mind.



      What Can We Help With?

Wellness routines shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we made  solution-focused products that complement each other to aid in your ultimate Selfcare routines.