Fragrance Haus

Fragrance are personal, we fall in love with a fragrance as we do with a moment in time in our lives. We reminisce through fragrance; its power to recall memory is unmatched: the comfort of a childhood home, the brush of a lover, the sophistication of the streets in Paris. When you choose a Studio Plush candle and fragrance, you choose the key in which to live the music of your life. 

Our candles may be playful and sassy one moment, chic the next, then boldly luxurious.

Studio Plush curated natural, clean burning, scented candles with music, we want to  infuse your space with sound and light to help create a relaxing and meditative space. Wherever you are, Light a candle, set some music on and discover the selfcare queen that is in you. We want to help you create a vybz and celebrate your mood.

Let's create a lifestyle that allows women to take time for themselves. Why? because we deserve it.

Much like music, fragrances can take you places, bring on nostalgia. We created special music playlist to go along with the vybz or mood of your favorite candles.