At Studio Plush, we want you to feel at home in your body and enjoy life the way it was intended to be. We create self-care rituals that help you thrive and reveal a happier, healthier you. Collections of modern wellness bath soaks targets everyday instabilities like pain, stress moods and sleep for overall wellbeing. The brand combines extraordinary visual and optical effects, over 176 antioxidants, a host of plant-based botanicals, premium organically grown herbs, adaptogens, roots, flowers, superfoods, active ingredients, vitamins, healing salts, moisturizing oils and rare minerals. Studio Plush is big on Nature providing vitality and optimal health - so you'll find some of the finest raw materials the earth has to offer in their products. They've built their main ingredients based on the ancient principals of the past and as a result, believe they have bagged the remedy to modern times.