The Owner

Hi, I am Shanique, the founder of Studio Plush.  I wanted to create a brand that was brutally honest. All about body positivity, and female empowerment and Self-care.

During the Pandemic my depression became a thing. I didn't understand what it was and why I was feeling the way I was.I had a total breakdown. Life seemed so hard and decision making became so difficult for the simplest things. I felt like I had no control. One of the major thing that helped me was my Self-care routines. Baths, candles, skincare, haircare and the cutest loungewear. Made me so happy and helped to bring me back to myself.

I realised how important self care is for mental wellbeing and to just take the time to breathe.  So I became obsessed with researching skincare and Selfcare and spending all my money on testing new products. I went from buying clothes and shoes to skincare and then started to develop my own products, and so here are.